Max's Life

It’s impossible to describe in words the sum of a child’s life, especially after just 16 months. But it’s also quite amazing how much a child grows and develops in such a short time span. So even though Max was here and gone in what seemed like a flash, as we reflect we realize what a full and rich life he had.

Max was special in so many ways. First and foremost, he was a twin, and he was born on Christmas Eve of 2008. We can remember the numerous ultrasounds where we saw images of Max (dubbed as Baby B at the time) in the womb lounging his legs on top of his brother Nate’s head. This was a foreshadowing of things to come…Max was the boss, he was our little bruiser, always taking whatever toy he wanted from Nate by brute force. It was typical brotherly love.

Max and Nate were fraternal twins, and as such, had very different personalities. Max (also known as “The Max Man,” “Maxer,” and “The Love Man”) was a ladies man. He would hug just about every girl he came across. While Nate was (and continues to be) a bit more dramatic, Max was always even-tempered, mellow, and above all, happy.

As we reflect on Max’s time with us, what stands out most is how extremely happy he was. We find it comforting to know that Max enjoyed every moment he was with us. He was so loved and he loved so much in return. He always had a smile. He always had a hug ready for Mama and Daddy. He was our “little gentle giant.”

Raising twins is a difficult yet powerfully rewarding experience. We cherished every single moment Max was with us and we will continue to cherish all the memories he provided us during his brief time with us. We’ll never forget him and we think of him often.

We hope you enjoy the photos and videos we’ve posted of Max!